Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Spanish Mustang?

A Spanish Mustang is a pure descendants of the horses imported to the New World from Spain as early as Christopher Columbus's second voyage to the Americas. For further information on the history of the Spanish Mustang, please refer to the our comprehensive article, "History of the Spanish Mustang".



Are there any Spanish Mustangs still in the wild?

It is possible that wild horses in isolated areas could have predominately Spanish blood.



What is the relation between the Spanish Mustang and the BLM horses?

The Spanish Mustangs are not the same horses under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM feral horses have been bred over time with Morgans, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds and Percherons. They do not represent the true Spanish Mustang, preserved by the Brislawn family and other breeders since the 1900s.



Are the Spanish Mustangs an endangered species?

The American Livestock Breed Conservancy has classified the status of Spanish Mustang as Critical in their Conservation Priority List.



Are Spanish Mustangs a particular color?

The Spanish Mustangs are a breed of many colors. The following list contains some of the colors seen in the breed.

• Bay

• Black

• Buckskin

• Chestnut

• Dun

• Red Dun

• Bay Dun

• Grey

• Grulla

• Overo Paint

• Palomino

• Roan (various combinations)

• Sabino

• White



What is the Spanish Mustang Foundation doing to protect and preserve the Spanish Mustang?

We are currently working to protect and preserve the Spanish Mustang through the following educational efforts.

• Youth Clinics and leadership training programs using the Spanish Mustang

• Presentations and exhibits in museums and schools

• Production of an educational documentary


For further information on each of these initiatives, please visit the "Projects" section of our website.



How can I help protect and preserve the Spanish Mustang?

Please visit the various links under the "Resources" link in the navigation menu above for further information on the current efforts underway to protect the Spanish Mustang. Your donations to the Spanish Mustang Foundation are also helpful.



Where can I see Spanish Mustangs?

To find Spanish Mustangs in your area check the Spanish Mustang Registry website to find breeders closest to you.



Are they expensive to buy?

Trained Spanish Mustang horses have been sold for over $6,000 and as low as $3,000 depending on the owner. Some untrained Spanish Mustang horses are priced at from $800 - $1,000 again depending on the owner.



Are they easy keepers?

These horses are very easy keepers and most do not require shoeing. If the terrain is rocky we do recommend they be shod.


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