How Can I Help?

How can you help?


Sponsor the rescue of a horse.

It costs $450 on average for the initial rescue of a horse. This includes transportation, vet work, and paperwork registration fees.


Sponsor a horse for a year. Feed, pasture, general ground training, and all the veterinary care of a horse costs $1000 a year per horse.


Sponsor the training of a rescue. Sometimes it takes significant time to turn around a behavior that humans initiated. It costs $550 a month to train a horse full time. And we expect to see significant progress in almost all horses in three months once a horse has let us know it is ready. $1650 professionally trains a horse with exercising, groundwork and riding.


Adopt a rescue. Most importantly, our Spanish Mustangs need good homes. The easy part has been done, now comes the hard part. Are you ready to give a loving home to a horse that was given up on?


Other ways you can help.

The Spanish Mustang Foundation is constantly on the go supporting efforts to educate the public and give people, particularly children, the opportunity to interact with this special horse. Any amount you can contribute goes directly towards those efforts.

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