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The Spanish Mustang Foundation is pleased to announce our forth newsletter through which we hope to continue to bring awareness of the Spanish Mustang to the public. If you would like to subscribe to a printed version of the newsletter, please contact us and let us know.


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Becoming a Better Person
As You Train Your Horse

In this excellent article, horsemanship trainer, Robin Doughman, discusses the sometimes unexpected process of learning about ourselves and life while working with horses.

"Communication among horses is constant and clear, but rarely verbal. The message is revealed by a gesture as subtle as the flick of an ear or the tilt of a head. Communication through silence begins with quieting the mind."



Caballos de Destino — A Vanishing Breed

In this article, Karen Parker, writes about the history of the Spanish Mustang and efforts to preserve the breed today. The article focuses particularly on on efforts of Caballos de Destino, a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, that has been raising and preserving "horses of destiny" since the late 1980s.


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